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Choosing a tough looking and rugged ring that’s comfortable to wear helps make wearing a wedding ring all the time much easier. This Serinium band with cool elk heads all around it is just what you’re looking for. This 8 mm wide Elk ring is super durable and scratch resistant, and brilliant because it is made of Serinium. The pattern shows up brilliantly against the white metal band made of an alternative material that’s stronger than Cobalt Chrome. It won’t oxidize and is far more scratch resistant than white gold or platinum. Serinium is so hard, unlike gold, silver, or platinum, so it cannot be resized. Enjoy free shipping on this order! (for orders in the USA only) If you’re still hung up on some unanswered questions, email us! We’d be happy to answer all your questions. You can also check out our FAQs. Go ahead and place your order now for this awesome elk ring so we can have it produced and deliver it in time for your special occasion! This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it’s made just for you!