Bogger Tire Ring

$587.00 $425.00



This wedding ring is perfect for celebrating trucks and mudding! This 9 mm domed ring has a cool tire tread design of your favorite 4×4 mud bogger! It’s a wider ring, so the tire tread pattern will look awesome! The inner surface part of the pattern has a bead polished finish. The ring is super durable, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic because it is made of Black Zirconium. This is a tough metal that can only be cut using diamond tooling. Black Zirconium is naturally grey and when heated, a black coating is formed. The black color is guaranteed to last forever. Feel free to email us if you have questions! We’d be happy to answer them. You can also check out our FAQs. Place your order now so we can make and deliver it right in time for your special occasion! This ring ships in 2-3 weeks because it’s made just for you!